Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Considering that I didn't buy the first piece of Halloween candy, we had an ok holiday.

We got home about an hour and a half ago from a Halloween costume dance. Lullah and former best friend who is now best friend again went as Paris and Nicole. Yes, Hilton and Richie. Yeah, I was thrilled. Luckily the costumes consisted of a denim mini, cowboy hat, western style shirt and cowboy boots. Oh and a beanie baby dog. It could have been worse.

The dance was for high school girl scouts and their dates and jr. high girls and their dates. The membership exec was hoping to recruit some jr. girl scouts. Their are no girls at the jr. high signed up for a troop. Alas, I think our efforts won't be successful. Their were about 6 girls from the jr high there. One was dressed like a "slutty angel". The others weren't in costume, thank god.

Lullah and her friends had a good time. They danced for 2 hours straight.

Not a bad way to spend Halloween if you ask me.

Glitter Glitter EVERYWHERE!

Lullah and three of her friends spent about 2 1/2 hours last night making signs. The high school football team is tied for second place in our district (an amazing feat). They made about 10 signs, 4 pennants, and tombstones with the schools' we've defeated names and the game scores. They also made treat boxes for the players. We called the head coach and he met us at the field house. They put up a couple of the signs in the locker room and they left the treat boxes in the boys' lockers. They then placed the signs and tombstones in the "square" (where the students congregate at lunch). One of the girls' mom and I drove them to the school. It's been a long time since I helped decorate for a big game. I may never get the glitter out of my carpet. IT IS EVERYWHERE! I found some in my bathroom on the other side of the house! Lullah was philosophical about it-"consider it bling."

Friday, October 28, 2005

If I get any lazier...

If I get any lazier they will have to put me on a ventilator. I have officially crossed over into DAMN, You're Lazy country.

I have spent the last two day, in my pjs. Yesterday I didn't get dressed until 2:30, that's about what I'm shooting for today. I may wait until after I pick up Lullah. We have football game tonight so I will have to beautify for that, so I may just postpone the getting dressed.

Have I mentioned that I also LOATHE house work. I would love to be one of those women that find it therapeutic to clean. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the after effects of cleaning. That pine oil smell and non-dusty glass sparkle is pretty! I just don't want to be the one to get it to that point.

Ok, I'm going to clean the bathroom. But I'm doing it in my pjs. So there!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tylenol Tales

My dad went to the MD last Friday am because his knee was bothering him (apparently had been for about a week). He had an inflamed ligament. No biggie, but it was hurting. The MD sent him home with some prescription Tylenol ( I assume Tylenol 3 -it's got codeine in it).

Dad calls this morning. He said he had been taking over the counter Tylenol since last week, 650 mg every 4 hours. Around the clock. Oh, my tale gets better.

Now, I had SPECIFICALLY told him last week at the football game DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL when you take tylenol. Twice, at least. He told me today that his knee is getting a little better. I asked if he had been drinking while he was taking the tylenol.

"No," says he.
"Well make sure you don't, it's dangerous" says I.
"Ok, I've just had a beer before bed that's all" says he.
"Um, Dad that's drinking"
"Well, it's just a couple of beers before bed" he explained.
*Note that the amount has increased
"Dad, you can't drink and take tylenol. Alcohol is excreted through your liver, so is TYLENOL!"I explained.
"Well, three or four beers won't hurt will it?"he asked.
*Once again, note that our amount has increased.

Now at this point I should let you know these bits of information.
1)My father graduated with honors from college.
(sooo, he isn't stupid!)
2)He once owned a liquor store.
(sooo, he know what alcohol IS)
3)He drinks approximately 3-4 Evan Williams and 7up cocktails per night prior to bed. This after going to the local bar and drinking beer(I'm guessing probably 3-6) every afternoon.
(So I guess 3 beers IS a major slow down in consumption.)

I did manage to not beat my head against the wall. I only hope that he ACTUALLY listened to me and doesn't continue to drink and take the damn tylenol. The man's poor liver has been abused enough. The conversation was actually a little longer than my retelling of it, but I honestly don't think he'll listen to me. I also had to explain that acetaminophen and tylenol are the SAME medication. I only HOPE that he hasn't been double dosing himself. Yikes!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Y'all may have figured out that Lullah is a diabetic. Or maybe you haven't. The Husband is too. She was diagnosed at age 8 and he was diagnosed at 20. They take between them 8-10 shots daily depending on their blood sugar levels. They each check their blood sugars at least 4 times a day. I once added up the number of injections and fingersticks per year. I wish I hadn't done that.

I'm bringing this up because of a conversation Lullah and I had this evening over supper. We were discussing having babies(see my rant about teenage pregnancy). She stated, rather firmly I thought,that she plans to adopt. When I questioned her a little further, she in a round about way alluded that the main reason is she's afraid of what it would do to her blood sugars. And that if she couldn't maintain control what it would do to a baby. She's 15. She's already worrying about shit like that. She worries about dialysis, amputation, blindness. Damn.

About 2 years ago, we were talking and she said that she went to bed every night afraid that she wouldn't wake up. She said she was afraid she would die. At that time, we were having trouble with her blood sugars getting very low during the night. I would check them every one-two hours most nights. She has had 2 hypoglycemic seizures and the husband has had 1. Thankfully, it has been a while since they've had them.

My kid was aware of her mortality at age 13, probably younger. She figured out pretty early that life isn't fair. I worry about what that has done to her psyche. She seems ok, and we are one of those disgusting families that "talk about" everything. But still, I worry.

One of the things that is particularly sucky for Lullah (her word) is that she absolutely must be aware of EVERY bite of food that she puts in her mouth and her friends eat like crazy.
One of her best friends eats Little Debbies(PLURAL) like there is no tomorrow. That kid eats crap, it's kinda amazing. Lullah not only is careful about what she eats, she gets a pretty good amount of exercise too. She dances at least an hour per day. Most days much more. Still she battles her blood sugars AND her weight. Her blood sugars are not within the range that we (she, her MD, me and the husband) would like to see them. And the MD has stated that she doesn't need to gain another pound. It really does seem like a war sometimes.

What do you say that will make her feel better? I don't think there is anything that will.
*Life isn't fair.
*God doesn't put more on us than we can carry.
*What doesn't kill us will make us stronger.
*There are so many things that are much worse.
*There are so many people dealing with things that are much worse.
*You are brave and fabulous and adversity builds character.
Yeah, we've said all of that. And more.

And so, we just trudge on.


Cat Box Cake. Recipe can be found here on todays posting.

Rock me like a hurricane!

Um, yeah.

Feel free to rock it.

Thank you nervyb, you made my afternoon!

Monday, October 24, 2005

On the bright side!

Lullah doesn't have mono.

We have, however, truly enjoyed asking her where she acquired an ailment commonly referred to as the "kissing disease".

Oh, damn!

Even Scarlett didn't use ALL the drapes. Bobby Trendy apparently did.

Red Ribbon Week

It is Red Ribbon week here. It was Crazy Hat Day today at the schools, tomorrow will be Camo Day. Each day is themed. The goal is to prevent drug use.

The dance line participated at a drug-free rally this morning at the high school. The drama club put on a skit, the cheer leaders led a drug free cheer. Drugs are bad, m'kay? That was the message.

I can't help but wonder if the organizers of said events truly believe that they are preventing drug use among teens. Maybe I'm just cynical.

The drug use in our small town is astounding. Meth has hit like a bomb. The thing is, it's adults too. The parents of the teens the rally is aimed at are users, makers, suppliers of drugs. Is a silly cheer or skit going to change perception? Is a kick ass dance going to cause someone to drop the crack pipe? I don't think so.

What do you offer a generation of kids who are more aware of the incongruence of the universe at 16 than I was last year? How do we tell them that drugs will kill them when they live life half dead already?

Lullah is for all accounts and purposes the ideal kid. She has a 4.0 GPA, she's number 1 in her class, she's co-captain of the dance line, she's got tons of friends, she's in numerous clubs. She's a girl scout for pete's sake. She's a parents dream. But, she told me the other day that she's depressed and sad a lot of the time. I see it in her friends too. They are mostly honor roll kids, parents married, no major behavioral problems. If the kids who look like they have it together are feeling depressed, how are the kids that are visibly falling apart feeling? How hopeless are they? Somehow I don't think a anti-drug rally is going to alter the course of those kids' lives.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Late movies

Lullah's girl scout troup (they are now actually called Studio 2B) worked at Sonic yesterday in honor of Make a Difference Day. They plan to use the money they earned yesterday and donations given until November 3 to help provied a treasure box filled with toys for the St. Jude's Childrens Clinic in Baton Rouge. The clinic had to relocate due to hurricane Katrina. They earned 15% of sales while they were there and also collected donations. We plan on going to Baton Rouge to deliver the toys. It will be an ongoing project for the troup.

After Sonic, I took Lullah and 3 of her friends to see Elizabethtown. I WILL be purchasing the soundtrack. It was a really good movie. Orlando loses his american accent a couple of times, but other than that I enjoyed it. Of course, I'm in love with Orlando so he could remake The Omega Code (which BTW is one of the WORST movies I have EVER seen) and I'd go see it.

We got home around 1:30am, so I am now in desperated need of a nap. I'm not going to get to take one, I have gumbo simmering and I can't take a chance that it will scorch. Maybe after gumbo.

Brownie Bakin'

Lullah and former best friend have made up and are as we speak baking brownies. They just finished a batch of cupcakes. Either we have a massive eating disorder in the making (Lifetime movie to follow) or things may end up being ok.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Crap Thursday

Today was a crap day.

Lullah has been sick since Saturday. It started Friday night after the football game. She complained that her throat hurt. Since the game was AWESOME (26-27 WE WON) I just thought it was from yelling. She's progressively gotten worse. I took her to the doc today and he thinks she may have mono. GREAT! He doesn't want her dancing at the pep rally or football game tomorrow until all the lab work is in. Do you have any idea how well that fat lady pole vaulted?

Lullah immediately burst into tears. She just mutely sat there crying. Great big fat silent tears. Slowly sliding down her cheeks. It's the last home game. It's a dance she choreographed. To mine and her favorite song (September-Earth Wind & Fire)(actually a medley-Let's Groove Tonight, September and Shining Star). It's the dance she's been saving all season.

Damn damn damn damn.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Do I do an ostrich and just hope that she doesn't have mono and let her dance?

Oh and he dropped this lovely nugget-if the mono test is positive she's homebound for 21 days. To a 15 year old that may as well be 21 months. She'd miss the rest of football season, over a month of dance class. She has social stuff going on pretty much every weekend of October and the first of November. Once again damn damn damn!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Teen Pregnancy

Lullah was pissed when I picked her up after dance line practice this afternoon.

There are 3 girls pregnant at her high school of 250ish students. They are of course a topic of much discussion. That's what she was pissed about.

Prior to practice the dance line members were visiting and topic A was the pregnant girls. Apparently they got ripped on by the girls. The general feel was that they (the preggies) should be ashamed, how embarrassed the dance line girls would be if they were in their position, etc. This is a touchy subject for Lullah (and me). I was almost 5 months pregnant when the husband and I got married.

I've always been honest about it with Lullah. She knows how hard it was. She knows that I've been the topic of conversations that probably went very much like the one she sat in for this afternoon. One of the things she said was that it pissed her off that no one was gossiping about the fathers of said babies. No one said they should be ashamed or embarrassed.

I wish I had easy answers for her.

In a perfect world those girls wouldn't be pregnant. It would be slutty for boys to sleep around-not just boys being boys. In a perfect world girls wouldn't revel in one another's misfortune. In a perfect world people wouldn't revel in one another's misfortune.

All I can tell her is this. Sometimes the road we intended to travel is detoured. What we do on that detour is up to us.

What Dreams May Come?

I've been thinking about Mary's funeral. There wasn't an empty spot in the church. There were around 1000 people that came to the funeral home the night before.

When my turn comes around, what will my service be like? Will anyone want to come? Will they come out of some sense of obligation? God I hope not. What will people say? I hope they don't say I look good. Will people say to one another on the street-"did you hear? Kim died. Isn't it sad?" Or will they say "who? I can't place her."

The truth is I hope they miss me. A lot. I don't want to be replaceable. I want the world to be sad when I'm no longer in it. I know that sounds selfish. But it's the truth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jesse Metcalf

I stole these photos from Dana. Now, if I can just figure out how to get myself a yard boy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've been thinking about friendship lately. Mostly due to the fact that I seem to be losing friends at an alarming rate.

Since, I've been thinking about friends I thought I'd tell you a little about some of my closest friends.

Lullah is actually one of my best friends. I know it's corny. But she's one of the funniest and smartest folks I know. She has a unique perspective of the world. She is one of the most forgiving and kind people I know. When I grow up, I want to be more like her.

Karen-lives in Alabama, way too far away. She is one of the strongest people I have ever met. Also is beautiful(she thinks she's ugly). She endured a divorce after a 6 week marriage. A few years later she faced her mother's death from pancreatic cancer, a gigantic relationship breakup, her father's attempted suicide, she began nurse anesthesia school, had a liver cancer scare (they removed a lobe of her liver) and her father's remarriage all in ONE year. She was a tower of strength and grace. She's absolutely amazing. Did I mention that she's gorgeous to boot?

My mother in law- I love her! She is absolutely the most grounded person I have EVER met. She is my moral compass. When I'm unsure of what to do in any situation I think of what she would do. She is North.

My mom-as crazy as she drives me at times. She really is my friend. I can tell her anything. She has the best shoulders to cry on, lean on and hug on.

So in this season where I seem to be losing friends to the great beyond, I plan on telling these ladies how I feel. I also plan on telling the friends that I haven't mentioned. I've been blessed with so many people in my life. I feel like I have to let them know how much they mean to me. I encourage you to do the same.

Slumber Party

Last Christmas my friends and I had a slumber party at Ashley's house. Much alcohol was consumed and much laughter ensued.

Each of the women in this picture are special in their own way. Their day jobs include a teacher, a nurse (moi), an accountant, a scrub tech, an account manager, a stay-at-home mom and a decorative painter. Their are 5 divorces, 7 children between us all. One of the women has been arrested for DWI, two have children with chronic diseases, at least two have had/have an eating disorder, some are in serious debt, one has attempted suicide (moi), we all have issues with our parents, one is a step mom(a good one!). I could go on, but you get the picture. We are a hot buttered MESS at times. But, we love each other. Maybe in spite of all the mess.

I laugh harder with this group of women that I do any other time. They know some of my deepest thoughts and fears and vice versa. We have hurt each other in ways no one else could and we have healed each other. I'm so glad they are my friends. When I count my blessings and name them one by one-their names are on the list. Leah, Ashley, Christy, Misty, Tammy, Andrea. My hot buttered friends.

Monday, October 17, 2005


My friend Karen who lives in Tuscaloosa called this evening. Our friend Gayle is most likely going to die soon. Gayle has two daughters, ages 10 and 3.

She had a hysterectomy two weeks ago. The surgeon perforated her bowels during surgery and she became septic. She now is in full blown ARDS. It's a respiratory syndrome that has about a 30-70% survival rate. The fact that she developed it after sepsis makes her chances of survival slimmer. She was an ICU nurse for about 15 years. Her husband has been an ICU nurse for about 10 years. Karen said she was alert when they decided to intubate her. She gave everyone a list of things she wanted them to do after she was gone. She knew what she was facing. I can't imagine how scared she must have been.

If you believe in a higher power, please ask for his/her/their/its intervention. For peace, for healing, for a miracle. If you don't believe, then just send good thoughts and wishes their way.

I'm tired of going to funerals.

Friday, October 14, 2005

My kinda war

Check the cuteness y'all. Let the fur fly.

Kitten War

I heart Target

I love the Slave To Target site. I'm sadly addicted to Target.

When we lived in Alabama the nearest Target was 3 hours away. I know it was inhumane. When we would come home, I would make a pilgrimage to the Target near where we live now (a mere 50 minute drive). My Alabama friends didn't understand.

About 2 years ago my best friend who still lives in Alabama called. She'd been to Target. They finally opened one. She's now a full fledged cult member. Welcome sister.

Little Fat Man in Suspenders; or A Crazy Mother's Diatribe

That's the dance line that Lullah is on. Cuties aren't they? They are all really sweet girls, too.

My cerebral fluid is leaking out of my ears after the day I've had. The assistant principal informed the sponsor after last weeks pep rally that the girls looked "awful" and if they weren't going to put any more effort into their performances then they didn't need to dance. Well, considering that Lullah choreographed said routine, I thought I handled this bit of info rather gracefully. I bit my tongue. Until today.

I went to the school. I was honestly hoping he'd been misquoted. He hadn't been. He said that they looked like they had thrown the dance together the day before. Y'all I was at the pep rally. I taped it. I think we saw two different dances. I agree, not one of their best performances, but awful and thrown together- our paths diverge there. He said he expected perfection and excellence. Period. Hmm?

There are two girls on the squad that have NEVER had any dance instruction of any kind. There are only 2 girls who are currently in any kind of dance class (Lullah is one of them). You'd think they'd kind of stink, but they don't. Now I don't think many of them are going to be Rockettes anytime soon, but they really do look good.

In addition-some of the students have booed them (also the cheerleaders and band) at every pep rally prior to them performing. School spirit ain't exactly high on everyone's list apparently.

The conversation went something like this.

Me- the fact that they get out there at all after that, much less perform well is amazing. Do you give the football team the same "if you aren't going to put 100% effort out" after they lose ? *I also mentioned the skill level of some of the girls, they are honestly doing their best*
Him- "no, they have 11 other guys pounding them"
Me-the girls have a people booing them.
Him-that's different.

Um, yeah. It is, it's meaner and pretty damn cruel. And the staff hasn't done anything to stop it.

Me- I would think that y'all would applaud the effort the girls put into the dance line. All of them are honor roll students, most do some sort of volunteer stuff. This is how they choose to spend their extra time. Not making loops in town, smoking pot, and staying drunk. *which BTW a lot of the kids here do* They practice 2 1/2 hours M-Th. They learn 2 new dances each week. ALL of which except 3 (out of 12) Lullah has gotten music for and choreographed. (while maintaining a 4.0)
Him-well I'll talk to them.

Y'all the conversation went on like this for about 15 minutes.

So I also needed to talk to the sponsor about Lullah having to do all of the dances. The actual Captain has taught 1 dance. One some of them had already learned at camp. The other two-one was a camp dance (Lullah taught that one) the other was one that they had choreographed by a local dance teacher for a competition dance at camp. She was up until midnight Tuesday finishing the pep rally dance for this week.

It just didn't go well either. Her solution was for LULLAH to refuse to do the dance and let the other girl fall on her face. Not to discuss it with the girl herself. Lullah was there and said, "but I'm afraid we'll look bad". The sponsor said "well maybe then she'd take it more seriously" I also wanted tell her that I'd talked to the assistant principal. I was frustrated, but at least we'd talked about it so I felt a little better.

Well I pick Lullah up this afternoon. She's PISSED! He talked to them alright. Told them if they weren't going to put their hearts into it 100% then HE wouldn't let them dance AT ALL. That they were responsible for school spirit. (umm, cheerleaders??) They should have been embarrassed Friday. WWHHHAAAT?!!!

I don't even know what to do at this point. Lullah said "he's just a stupid little fat man wearing suspenders" I'm inclined to agree.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I hate late!

I worked last night.( 7pm-7am) The floor I worked is always a extremely hectic so when quitting time rolls around I am ready to go!

Here's my beef. The day charge nurse on that floor ALWAYS changes the assignments when she gets there. This means the staff coming on are waiting around to see which patient they are assigned and the staff leaving is waiting to see who is getting their patients so they can give report. In addition there are about three nurses that are at least 5-to 10 minutes late 99% of the time. Some days it's more like 20 or 30. Clock in times are 0638-0708 in the am. Anything after is considered tardy. Apparently they are clocking in at some time clock located in an alternate universe. It totally pisses me off.

I have an hour commute (if traffic is favorable). I left the hospital at 7:20. Got home at 8:30. Traffic wasn't favorable. I've been up since yesterday morning. I'm fried.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I went to Mary's funeral today. Sad doesn't begin to cover it. Her poor mom cried literally the entire funeral. It was awful.

There were probably 300 people at the funeral. The pastor said that over 1000 had came by the funeral home for visitation. I told y'all that she was sweet. Once you were her friend-that was it. The population of my town hovers between 2500 and 3000. That's a pretty awesome percentage of people.

The pastor mentioned how she was about people. She was almost forgiving to a fault . She treated people better than a lot of them treated her. She was the person who befriended people who the rest of us probably wouldn't want people to know we even knew! She wasn't perfect. She smoked and drank on occasion(which to baptists is a big deal). She'd been divorced. But the overwhelming truth about her was that she was a good and kind person. The world would be a better place if more of us were like Mary.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A friend from high school died.

When I changed schools in the 10th grade one of my first friends was Mary. Her house was the first sleep over after the move. Her older sister (a Sr. at the time) invited us to most of the cool parties. She wasn't the prettiest girl at school. She wasn't the smartest either. But in truth, she was one of the nicest.

We didn't become "best friends". As a matter of fact, she ended up being on those friends you sometimes hang out with, then end up hardly ever hanging with.

We've been out of school for over 10 years now. I've lived in three states besides Louisiana since graduation. It didn't matter, when she saw me she always said Hello and asked about the husband, Lullah, my parents. The thing is, she actually cared about the answers. Every time. She'd had a lot go on since school too. Married, two daughters, a divorce, in school, out of school, gained weight,lost weight. Her parents house burned down. Life threw her some pretty big curves.

She was killed early Saturday morning. The truck she was riding in ran off the road. She was thrown from the vehicle and later died at the local hospital. The guy driving was drunk. He left the scene before anyone got there. She was left there alone. I hope she didn't know she was alone.

I keep thinking that I'm never going to just run into Mary again. We're never going to laugh about the things the other has heard about former classmated. We're never going to laugh over the trials and tribulations of raising girls. I'll go to her funeral tomorrow and then I'll never see her again. She was 34. She was a mom. She had a quick laugh. She was one of the nicest people I will ever know. And she's gone.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


My father makes my butthole hurt.

I know it's extremely cliched, but I can't stand him sometimes. He drives me absolutely NUTS.

I'm an only child. My parents have been divorced since I was 11. They separated when I was 8or 9.

Lullah is my father's only grandchild. She will most likely always be his only grandchild as I am done with the child bearing. We live about 20 minutes from his house. August was the last time he came to my house. If I want to see him I have to go there. It doesn't matter if I invite him or not, he's not coming. We've been living here 6years and he's been to my house alone maybe twice. He'll only come if it's an entire family thing. (Preferably just his branch of my family) He thinks my husbands family look down on him and that they're rednecks. He will only come to Lullah's birthday parties if my aunt comes with him. He says my mother and step-father hate him. (Not true BTW)

I called him last night to invite him to the football game Friday night. We have two home games left and Lullah dances at them both. He didn't come to any of the games last year. Bear in mind that my husband's parents come to every home game ( they do leave after halftime) and the my mother comes to every home game (the step comes to almost every home game). And my mom makes it to a few away games. My dad always has a reason for not coming.

At the last home game last year he had said he was coming. He didn't. Lullah came up to the stands after half-time to say hello to the adults. I whispered to her that Papa didn't make it. She looked at me funny and said "oh, I didn't think he really would anyway. You did?" She doesn't even expect him at things anymore. How sad is that?

So, now to the reason for my rant. He just called me and he has a runny nose and diarrhea. It just hit him suddenly. Why can't he just say-I ain't coming? Then he changes the subject and starts talking about this time he took me to a fancy restaurant when I was 8. About how sweet it was, how the waitresses fawned over me. I remember going, I remember him having a come apart because I licked the butter knife. I didn't mention that to him though. THEN HE GETS PISSED BECAUSE I DON'T REMEMBER. He starts trying to make me feel guilt because it was such a wonderful night etc.

Now you know some of the reason my father makes my butthole hurt.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You're getting sleeeepy......

This is my kind of church. Also the kind the guy that sits in front of me at my church thinks we are already going to.

I guess whatever gets you closer to God is good, but they'd probably have to jab me because I snore. Sometimes loudly.

Snooze on y'all.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm a democrat according to the test.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Homecoming In My Small Town

Homecoming 05. Lulah loves running in with the football team before games.
The homecoming game is a HUGE deal here. Homecoming is a HUGE deal PERIOD here. Hurricane Rita screwed up this year's schedule. We had the game on Thursday and the Pep Rally and Parade on Friday. At least we won. The pep rally would have truly sucked if we hadn't.

I'm always curious about other places homecoming activities. I had always assumed that everyone went as nuts as we do here. Apparently not.

People here plan their vacations around their reunions. 1yr, 5yr, 10yr, 15yr, 20yr etc. You get the point.

The festivities usually begin on Thursday with a bonfire (a new tradition),alumni tea at 10am, pep rally at noon, school dismissed and parade at 1:00pm. Every business downtown is decorated during the week in school colors. Balloons and bows everywhere. The parade route winds through town. The lineup is usually as follows. Police escort, cheerleaders, band, danceline, jr. high cheerleaders, jr. high danceline, the three local elementary and middle school cheerleaders, the court, former class floats, high school clubs, current high school classes, the fire truck. Each class has a party after the football game and a family day on Saturday. That Saturday is also "Howdy Neighbor Day". Yeah, you read it right.

Howdy Neighbor Day is held at the park. Entertainment at the amphitheatre begins around 9am usually and there are craft and food booths set up. If it is an election year we also get politician booths. Last year the danceline had hot air balloon rides. It was pretty cool. Just a up and down trip though. The evening ends with fireworks.

It's also the only time that traffic is really bad here.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Southern Football

Tallulah is on the high school dance line. So the husband and I are at every football game. Every Friday night we now have a plan. Somewhere to go. People to see. I have now officially been to more football games in the last 2 years than I had been to in the prior 32 years total. Here's the strange thing-I actually enjoy them. The husband went to maybe 4 when we were in high school and maybe 6 when his brother played. Crazy huh?

Oh, and we're 5-1. Kick ass.