Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I dropped a relative off at the airport today. It's funny how you develop a sense of community with the other people either waiting for someone to leave or arrive. Strange.

I feel terrible, but I was so thankful for the time alone on the ride home. My daughter has had someone over almost EVERY day since school let out or we've been gone on one trip or another or we've had family here. I felt like my brain was going to implode.

I was an only child so maybe that's affected my outlook. I NEED to be by myself sometimes. Almost as much as air.

We (my husband and I) had talk last night with our daughter. She's suddenly realized that we aren't the greatest company for a teenager. She's either gone, asking to go somewhere or there are people (teenage people) here almost 24/7. Her exact words " I don't want to be here". We apparently suck, who knew? We were under the impression that we were some of the cooler-not-as-crazy parents. We were mistaken. She's actually a pretty good kid, as are most of her friends so we really can't bitch too much. Maybe I should call and apologize to my mom. I was NOT a pretty good kid, why didn't she kill me when she had the chance?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random Thoughts

I watched the season premiere of Laguna Beach last night with my daughter and one of her friends. She was on the phone with another of her friends also.

She watched the show faithfully last year and has definite opinions regarding the kids on the show. (She can't stand Christin, Steven is an idiot etc) I watched intermittently last season with her in an attempt to keep myself as some kind of presence in her life.

Back to last nights show- I need an aspirin.

The scene with the two girls shopping in Dior and purchasing a 600$ pair of shoes. The limo ride to the BOWLING ALLEY!! The girl (she's a Sr. in high school) inviting her date to sleep over at her house. WTF!?!?!?!?!?

I need to lie down just thinking about it again.

New Frontier

Ok, this is new territory for me. So be kind. Don't point and laugh.

I'm already kinda addicted to blogs in general. I like the idea that people are out there randomly sharing thoughts etc. Does starting one of my own make some kind of narcissist ?

Ok. Well, here we go.