Monday, August 22, 2005


The hubby is currently playing Call of Duty. The sound of gunfire is SOOOO romantic. I can't play first person shooters. I get extremely motion sick. SO, I'm stuck with Animal Crossing. I am SO addicted to that game. BELLS, BELLS, BELLS - must have bells.

I just got back from the first parent teacher conference of the year. AAAAARGH! We have a great school system, but there just aren't enough class choices!!!!! Will my daughter be ready for college? I really worry about it.
The last two lines of this make me laugh.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Branson and back

I left July 28 going to Branson MO with my husbands family. It total we were a party of nine. First let me say this- I had managed to go my entire life without going to Branson until last summer when the yearly family vacation was instituted. ( I was not thrilled last year) You can imagine my suprise when it actually DIDN'T suck. Seriously.

This year we went to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. It's sorta like Medevial Times with hoop skirts and chicken chases. Other than the walking past the horse stalls to get into the arena it was fun. We also spent the day in Silver Dollar City. I am a huge coaster fan so it ended up being a pretty fun day. They have 3 coasters. The newest it the Powderkeg. FUN!

The best part-my hubbie has never voluntarily ridden a real coaster. He accidentally ended up on Space Mountain when he was 8-his father SWEARS that they weren't buckled in. Whatever.
He road a kiddie one with our daughter at the fair (he did NOT enjoy it). But that is his entire coaster experience. WE GOT HIM ON THE WILDFIRE at SDC. We were strapped in and our daughter leans over and says "Daddy, it has three loops." WHEEEEEE! He was a tad pale after we got off. We managed to talk him into riding the Powderkeg later in the day. He won't admit it yet, but I think he liked them.