Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm kinda pissed

The whole hurricane Katrina/Rita mess has just generally sucked here in Looziana. Duh?!? The hospital that I work at has had quite a few evacuees from New Orleans. Most of the stories are just heartbreaking. I don't know if NOLA will ever be the same. How can it?

Anywhoo. I worked tonight. One of the docs was in the station. He's been helping with the evacuees at the local shelters since they started arriving. He was talking about how hateful and pissy some of the evacuees were treating the medical staff. He was pissed.

I don't know what to think. I know how pissed off and irritable I was this weekend when my power was out for 50 hours. I can't IMAGINE what those poor souls have been through. Maybe they are just taking out their frustrations on the nearest person.

My point(if I actually have one) is this. I'm just pissed at the whole damn thing. New Orleans while a really cool place to visit, could be a scary place to be. The government (local and state) in my opinion just said to hell it with it a long time before Katrina. I'm 34 years old and have been hearing that NOLA would flood if a big enough hurricane hit. WTF?!? Where were the damn levee board members spending the money they got?

And...what the hell happened to the New Orleans Police Department? Y'all I'm FROM Louisiana-and I know/knew that there were areas in NOLA you avoided because they WEREN'T safe. We expected them to protect the people stranded? Ha. One of my friends noted that the caps the police were wearing said NOPD. No Police Dept. Damn.

Also-Kathleen looked like she was going to just have a come apart. She has royally screwed any woman that runs for that office in the near future. She gave every chauvinist ammo to NOT vote for women.

When I was sitting at home watching everything unfold on CNN, it was surreal.

When another nurse and I spent about 4 hours a piece trying to help locate a patients husband for her and the damned Red Cross lines were constantly busy. When I asked my mentally challenged patient where he was from and he said "the SuperDome". It got real. Real fast.

And y'all I'm kinda pissed.

C to tha' A to tha' T

I am planning on posting some pics of the cats. I just haven't had time to figure out how ( if you are actually reading this and know an easy way how TELL ME)

Right now Buttercup-the largest by far- is lying atop the desk slowly trying to push the keyboard into my lap. This is a daily battle. He doesn't do this to the husband or Tallulah (btw not my daughter's real name, just a nickname.). I guess I'm special.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I Hate Mean Girls

My daughter's(former) best friend has pretty much made the last 6 weeks of her life a LARGE pain in the ass. I don't remember being an mean and evil when I was 14/15. I don't remember KNOWING girls that were mean and evil when I was 14/15.

Just when it seems that she (the former BF) has decided to leave my daughter alone-she starts some shit again. Most of it stupid. Whispering and eye rolling ,etc. AAAAAARGH! The reason for her being former is a sorrid tale, I'll just say my daughter's naivete was whisked away in one fell swoop. Mean mean mean mean.